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For decades, teachers, managers and parents have assumed that the performance of students and employees fits what’s known as the bell curve — in most activities, we expect a few people to be very good, a few people to be very bad and most people to be average.

The bell curve powerfully shapes how we think of human performance: If lots of students or employees happen to show up as extreme outliers — they’re either very good or very bad — we assume they must represent a skewed sample, because only a few people in a truly random sample are supposed to be outliers.

New research suggests, however, that rather than describe how humans perform, the bell curve may actually be constraining how people perform. Minus such constraints, a new paper argues, lots of people are actually outliers. -

Scrabble: to Play or Pass, Who Are You?

Scrabble: to Play or Pass, Who Are You?


If the above words are confusing, you have two options: either pass or play. In the game of Scrabble, just like in real life, sometimes you are given a problem that, at first seems very confusing. The easiest way to deal with this problem is to dump your letters and pass, but in doing so there is also uncertainty. What if you get all the same letters? What if you choose more difficult ones? O_o. So the correct path to take must be to play, right? Sort of. Both routes have their inherent costs and benefits. In choosing to play you can wrack your brain for several minutes without finding a solution or you could make the game winning word. On the other hand, choosing to dump and pass brings about uncertainty, but from uncertainty new and amazing opportunities may also arise. Your solution to this dilemma is based on your character; are you risk adverse (some who plays) or are you a risk taker (someone who dumps)? Neither is right, neither is wrong, but before making a decision it never hearts to reassess and re-arrange the problem. What would you do: play or pass?

SN:Upon careful inspection the letters XJOUBEK can actually be made into a word: JUKEBOX.